10/10: So, yOu dId yoUr oWn ReSEaRch?

End-Jan 2022 edition

Ria Tagulinao
5 min readJan 30, 2022
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1. Every Summertime by Niki

I know this is the first 10/10 thing, but I’m gonna cheat(ish). I found two amazing live renditions of this song.

If you don’t know her, Niki is a 23-year-old Indonesian singer and, let me tell you, she’s got it. I love listening to live performances because it’s how you find out how real and strong an artist’s vocals are. And both of these videos are better than the original.

ICYDK, this is from the Shang-Chi soundtrack (It’s about time she did a big-league thing!) If you haven’t seen this lovely movie, please do.

Check out her other songs on Spotify.

2. Take a Minute for Your Emotions by Sophie Lucido Johnson

Just look at all these beautiful and freakishly accurate blobs of human emotions! As always, count on Sophie Johnson to talk about the spectrum of human-ing in a vibrant, unique, but oh-so-essential way.



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