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Hi! 👋🏽

I’m Ria. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I’m a content marketer by day, and a writer by heart. An ENFP-turned-INTJ. A lifelong learner, an insatiably curious individual, and a firm believer in the awesome power of storytelling.

I love thinking. So I used to overthink…

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When I told my mom I was planning on buying an Amazon Kindle, she raised her eyebrow and suggested, “Why not just get an iPad? You’ll still be able to read, plus do a whole lot of other stuff.”

Fair point. The Kindle Paperweight costs around 150 USD, while I…

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NOTE: This guide is for iPhone users, but the principles of organization are applicable to other operating systems.

I believe that the greatest productivity advice is to just simplify your life. That means sticking to a few, flexible tools that do the job for you. …

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I think my accounting friends are utter maniacs. How else would you describe people who endured five years of accounting hell and chose not to use their license?

I was a business administration student, so I was in the same college as the accounting majors. I witnessed my friends grovel…

Ria Tagulinao

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