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Ria Tagulinao
Fun-sized Filipina | Writer | Content Marketer | Sometimes Dancer

Hi! 👋🏽

I’m Ria. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I’m a content marketer by day, and a writer by heart. An ENFP-turned-INTJ. A lifelong learner, an insatiably curious individual, and a firm believer in the awesome power of storytelling.

I love thinking. So I used to overthink…

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“Head on, guns blazing,” I always used to say. For most of my life, I’ve prided myself on my inclination to dive right into what’s in front of me. That is, until a former boss went on maternity leave and had me fill in as the officer-in-charge at work.


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“Zoom call tonight?”, I asked Ashley. “Update me on your life!” It had been two months since we were officially locked inside our homes for what would be the world’s longest national quarantine. Why I thought she might’ve had any significant life changes, I really don’t know.

Before the pandemic…

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Sometimes, when you journal to make sense of things, you end up writing things that don’t make sense. Because I’m pretty sure when I wrote “What I love about the pandemic” in my journal, I knew that there was, well, nothing to love about a pandemic. …

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NOTE: This guide is for iPhone users, but the principles of organization are applicable to other operating systems.

I believe that the greatest productivity advice is to just simplify your life. That means sticking to a few, flexible tools that do the job for you. …


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In Psychology, there’s this personality trait called self-monitoring, which is the ability of people to regulate their behavior in response to situational pressures, opportunities, and norms. In short, it’s how much you “monitor” yourself so that you can adjust to your environment. …

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I think my accounting friends are utter maniacs. How else would you describe people who endured five years of accounting hell and chose not to use their license?

I was a business administration student, so I was in the same college as the accounting majors. I witnessed my friends grovel…

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Why is your favorite movie, your favorite movie? If I were to answer that question, the first thing that pops up in my head is Jude Law’s insane charm and sexiness. …

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Hi, you got a second?

Ah. You’re in luck. We do, in fact, have a second to spare, thanks to a virus that has dramatically constrained our daily lives. We’ve had time to spare since 2020.

Remember how when we were younger we used to run around and hang out…

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In terms of making a living, let’s say every creative person falls under one of two categories. On the traditional side, we have a creator called DJ. DJ has a day job, which he neither hates nor loves. After work and on the weekends, he channels his creativity into his…

Ria Tagulinao

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