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NOTE: The example here makes use of an iPhone, but the principles of organization are applicable to other operating systems.

When it comes to habit formation, self-improvement author James Clear writes, “Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.” …

Hi! 👋🏽

I’m Ria. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I’m a content marketer by day, and a writer by heart. An ENFP-turned-INTJ. A lifelong learner, an insatiably curious individual, and a firm believer in the awesome power of storytelling.

I love thinking. So I used to overthink…

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There are books you want to read. And then there are books you didn’t know you needed.

These three books, for me, were the latter. Reading them has proven yet again that it’s the simple surprises of life that may very well shift your paradigm.

One book is about change…

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“It’s January 1”, my former boss said. “So what?”

Many people revel in the high of yet another new year — but not him. Despite being an optimistic, goal-driven person, he didn’t bother with grand resolutions. He also questioned the extraordinary hype around self-change — and perhaps for good reason.

Photo from the author | Punta Fuego, Batangas, where the author (too) keenly observed the flock of birds

“Where’s Jim?” I wondered. With beers in hand, the whole gang was chitchatting whilst the salty sea breeze blew aggressively across our faces. Well, everyone except Jim.

I walked to the back of the boat, then up the short wooden staircase that led to this small makeshift viewing deck. And…

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When I told my mom I was planning on buying an Amazon Kindle, she raised her eyebrow and suggested, “Why not just get an iPad? You’ll still be able to read, plus do a whole lot of other stuff.”

Fair point. The Kindle Paperweight costs around 150 USD, while I…

Ria Tagulinao

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