Great writing calls for great taste. That means a whole lot of reading.

In the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, world-renowned sushi artisan Jiro Ono said:

“In order to make delicious food, you have to eat delicious food. The quality of the ingredients is important, but you need to develop a palate capable of discerning good and bad. Without good taste, you can’t make good food.”

Think of an influential figure. Or your favorite writer. It’s no coincidence that they’re avid readers. – They’ve learned how to tell compelling stories.

You may have the intellectual horsepower, world-class experiences, or the superb vocabulary to create great content, but none of those will guarantee that you’ll be able to get your message across as a writer.

So, read not just for new ideas, but to raise your standards, develop your intuition, and best of all, understand what makes great, effective writing.

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