Hey, thanks for reading. So, every meeting will always have its own set of the four mind banks.

Minutes bank - This still follows a proper outline and I organize the information the best way I can. I go through them like a college student going through a reviewer for an exam. Haha!

Question bank - I tick questions that have been answered during the session. If possible, I indicate the person I can approach for answers. Then I look for the proper avenues to raise my question. When I have the time, I just check this bank for the questions that I can research on my own.

Idea bank & reaction bank - If there is a chance to debrief with someone, in my case it's usually my boss, I review & internalize the items in these banks before meeting with her, so that I can properly communicate my points/suggestions. In the context of the workplace, there's almost always a next meeting about the same topic. So at least before going into that, I've already sorted out my own recommendations & viewpoints.

Hope that helps!

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