I strongly agree with this line. Yes to healthier social media usage, not eradicating it from our lives.

And well, I strongly agree with everything else.

When I read Deep Work, I honestly felt that the view was a bit... singular or disconnected in some way. I super understand the author's point and he did hit it home with explaining how important deep work is given our fleeting, elusive attention. There are a lot of valuable practices in the book and I took a lot of those to improve my focus. But if you were, let's say, a marketer like me, it's almost impossible to close yourself off from the world to that degree. That's the reality. Most jobs now-and most especially now- require too much connectivity and accessibility. And that's what enriches our work. Interactions, brainstorming, exchanging ideas. Yes, they may sometimes come in bothersome ways or during inconvenient times, but we've got to leave some space for these things. Even just a little bit.

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