Matthew, I love this comprehensive insight! I think you should write a story on your information processing technique. My story encourages thinkers to be clearer, better thinkers, but I think we can learn a lot from you on HOW to be a better thinker.

And I totally agree with this highlighted bit! As a psychology/behavioral economics enthusiast, I read about this a lot. Sometimes I honestly just want to shout out to the world that we're all freaking biased (especially those who claim that they're not), that we're all inclined to fabricate and believe our own stories (oftentimes unconsciously), and that propaganda is EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY.

The deluge of information (or misinformation) we experience today is frightening. And that's why I highly value my inclination to think things thoroughly. We need to find ways to process, filter, and criticize all of these things more effectively.

Thanks for sharing your two cents. Looking forward to read more of your thoughts!

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